OK, I was hesitating enough of the time whether or not to create a personal website. Primary I’ve decided to establish it because I want to maintain a central place to store and share my knowledge and thoughts as well to receive potential feedback. I have designed and established the website by myself and it will be continuously improved as the website evolves.

Besides ‘lifehacks’ (i.e. getting refreshing ideas to get things done fast, and achieve bigger goals) the posts will be related to an interplay of people, processes and information technology – the main ingredients of information systems (IS).

People, processes and technology – the main ingredients of an Information System – and the initial logo of the website

I am active in the information systems area since the beginning of my career – nearly two decades, and I realized that IS success depends on taking proper care on all three IS ingredients as well on their interplay.

Anybody interested in the interplay of constituent parts of IS are welcome to join the discussions. Cheers!

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