A decade of BPMN poster

Ten years ago, in 2008 I was already investigating BPMN and I realized that beside the BPMN specification and some research articles, there was a luck of simple learning materials. Together with my colleague Tomislav Rozman, we’ve decided to create a poster which presented BPMN notation as well the best and worst practices of using it. The poster was partially based our article ‘Analysis of most common process modelling mistakes in BPMN process models’ which was published in 2008 BPM and Workflow handbook.

2008 BPM & Workflow Handbook – Spotlight on Human-Centric BPM

Quickly after publishing the poster on a website under Creative Common license, it got a lot of attention.

BPMN poster
BPMN Poster

The poster was downloaded more than  60.000 times and  translated by volunteers in seven languages: Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian.

BPMN Poster popularity
BPMN Poster gained a lot of attention during his lifetime, with the peak in January 2012 with more than 5000 downloads

The website with the poster was finally shut down in 2015, where the poster is still available on Sourceforge as well recently on Slideshare.

With BPMN poster I realized that with a good idea and relatively small input on time and money one can gain significant results.


What about you. Do you find such kind of learning materials  (i.e. posters, quick reference guides, cheat sheets, infographics, …) useful for the professional work?

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