Handwriting vs. Typing? My view!

Nowadays, every office worker hand-writes on paper as well types on a keyboard. Ever wondered what type of storing information is better? Well, there is a lot of information and theory out there, which compares these two memorizing approaches as the one, presented on figure below.

Just one of many comparisons found on the web (http://oftechandlearning.com/taking-notes-laptops-vs-handwriting/)

But here is my personal story. The majority of time I am typing mostly due to the fact that I am an IT (information technology) professional and because IT (i.e. computer devices) are perfectly suited for manipulating the digital information, e.g. storing, indexing, searching, disseminating and reusing of information. And, at least directly, no trees are cut down in this case.

On the opposite, I still find it difficult of being original when typing. Somehow the ideas stored in my head are better visualized in an analogous manner – by handwriting them (in my case on waste paper). Besides, when discussing the ideas with my colleagues I also prefer to express and communicate them via paper in an analogous way. And don’t forget, hand written text may convey more information when compared to the typed one (figure below).

Handwriting vs. Typing

So I am using both types of memorizing in a complementary way as follows (figure below). As new ideas attain a certain degree of maturity, I quickly store them in my computer making them manipulative. In the opposite way, new ideas are commonly derived out of existing and well-organized digital information.

My way on using handwriting and typing

Yes, the above model could be improved and harmonized with respective theory but it still demonstrates the synergy between the analogous and digital way of memorizing – first, closer to human brain processes and second, perfectly fitted to digital devices. And what about your way of using those two types of memorizing?

Take also a look at this interesting infographics: https://ivypanda.com/#handwriting.

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