“Noise” in process-related communication

A business process diagram serves several purposes including process analysis, process-related communication, and process automation. 

BPMN Diagram
A BPMN-based business process diagram

Considering communication, modelers must ensure that all participants understand a process diagram and the corresponding notation in the same way (i.e. effectiveness).

Communication noise
The effectiveness of diagrammatic communication

With globalization this might get challenging since different cultural environments may implicitly imply different meanings to specified symbols whereas the same concepts may be associated with different representations.

Communication noise
A communication noise occurs when a message, at the destination side, is not reproduced in the same way as was planned by the sender.

Thus, our efforts are directed towards investigating the intuitiveness of common business process concepts’ representations. In this manner, we performed empirical research on a sample of novice modelers in two different cultural environments who were instructed to design the graphical representations for defined process-related concepts. Our findings show which business process concepts representations are intuitive to novice modelers and how does cultural background impact it. 

An excerpt on how did the subjects visualized stated process-related concepts (collated raw data)

The findings will be presented in form of a full paper entitled “An Empirical Investigation of the Cultural Impacts on the Business Process Concepts Representations” on the 17th Int. Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2019) at the Central-Eastern Europe Forum in VIENNA, SEPTEMBER 1-6, 2019. The co-authors of the paper are Pavlo Brin, Saša Kuhar, Gregor Jošt and Jernej Huber.

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