New process- related knowledge mastered

Currently I am working as a visiting professor at WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business), at the Department of Information Systems and Operations, where I’ve just completed lecturing the “Process Implementation” course consisting of the following main topics:

  • Introduction to business process automation.
  • Implementing processes with Bonita BPM.
  • Simulating processes with BIMP.
  • Theory on Petri Nets.
  • Modeling Petri Nets with WoPeD.
  • Theory on Workflow nets and patterns.
  • Introduction to process mining.
  • Process mining with Alpha algorithm.
  • Process discovery with ProM.
  • Theory on conformance checking.
  • Conformance checking with ProM.
  • Applying Celonis Process Mining tool for Process Discovery and Conformance Checking.
  • etc.
Zajeta slika
ProM’s Alpha Miner in action

In summary, I’ve learned and tested state-of-the-art process-related theories, techniques and technologies, which I plan to incorporate into my research activities as well into my bachelor, master and PhD courses on my local university (University of Maribor).

Special thanks to prof. dr. Jan Mendling for this great opportunity and Mr. Saimir Bala for support and sharing of the course.






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