Visiting professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business

My three-months stay at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of Information Systems and Operations, has finished “in the blink of an eye”.

Vienna’s skyline is a wonder to behold, whereas the Gloriette at the top of Schönbrunn’s park is one of my favorites. The featured photo was taken with my mobile phone.

The primary objective of 2019 stay was to perform a local course, namely 4855 – Process Implementation. The Process Implementation course is complementary to Process Innovation course, and covers the remaining BPM life-cycle phases, namely: process implementation and process monitoring and controlling.

BPM life-cycle = Process Innovation  + Process Implementation 

Prior and during the course, which consisted of lectures, lab work and seminars, I’ve mastered numerous new theoretical as well applied knowledge and got valuable insights into the “managerial aspects” of performing courses on WU, namely: information systems used, rules, processes and best practices applied, etc.

In addition to performing the course, I’ve been participating in several scientific talks and meetings while also performing discussions with individual researchers from WU as well other visiting professors. Consequently, my professional networks has significantly extended and so I really look forward for new collaborations, some have already initiated.

While I have already returned by to my local environment, I have really mixed feelings. Basically I am very happy to be again in my environment, especially with my family but on the other hand I’ve also enjoyed experiencing gorgeous Vienna and great as well gorgeous WU. It was a nice adventure, which I will definitively remember for the whole life.

Thanks to Monika M. for leaving me her office during the stay

At this point I really want to sincerely thank the members of Information business team at the Information systems and operations department at the Vienna university of economics and business. Thank you for accepting me into the “team”, thanks for countless small-talks and discussions which made my stay really pleasant, comfortable and fun. Thanks for new friendships.

Finally I am deeply grateful to prof. dr. Jan Mendling, who enabled me this visit. Besides being a top-world-class expert in his research field, Jan is truly a great person and is really a joy talking and collaborating with him. Thanks a lot for everything.

Dear colleagues dear friends, see you again in September …. in Vienna …. in WU at BPM 2019 event!

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