Workshop on Process Mining with Celonis EMS

I am really grateful to the experts from Celonis, who performed a workshop based invited lecture on Process Mining with Celonis EMS solutions. The workshop took place on Zoom on 11. Jan 2021 at 13.00 CET and was primary intended to my IT Master students.

The agenda of the workshop

Celonis is pioneer in Digital Process Analysis, Improvement and Execution, who has created a new Ai-driven, enterprise-grade, and cloud-based software category: The Execution Management System (EMS).

Excerpt from the slides of Celonis presenters

In the workshop participants got the knowledge of the basics of process mining and execution management, the methodology and theoretical background on process mining as well as a live demo and exercises in Celonis EMS solution.

Exercises in Celonis EMS

Once again, Kudos to Josua and Josephine from Celonis Academic Alliance for the excellent performance of the workshop.

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