Business Process Management: The evolution of a discipline

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Computers in Industry, which is a top-ranked, application-oriented research journal, Prof. Dr. Hajo Reijers wrote an excellent overview article on Business Process Management, highlighting the development of the BPM discipline over the years.

I am grateful and honored that the author referenced and paraphrased my recent work on modeling process landscapes with BPMN-L, which has been published in the same journal a year ago, stating that “This type of work may well open an entirely new angle for process modeling research.”

Prof. Dr. Hajo Reijers, referencing my article entitled “BPMN-L: A BPMN extension for modeling of process landscapes”

I highly recommend this overview article to all BPM researchers and practitioners since it provides an excellent overview of this exciting discipline, positioned at the intersection of computer science, information systems engineering, management science, and industrial engineering. 

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