Process Mining and EGIT Workshop

As part of the Information Technologies and Services Management Master-level course, a hybrid workshop on Process Mining and EGIT was performed on the 10th of January. The first part of the workshop was led by experts from Celonis (, one of the leading companies in the field of process mining.

Hybrid workshop on Process Mining and EGIT

Ms. Josephine Hubert, Academic Alliance Manager from Celonis, had an excellent presentation of Celonis Execution Management System, presenting theoretical insights as well practical implications of process mining.

Conformance checking with Celonis PQL

I’ve held the second part of the workshop, presenting the application of process mining in Enterprise Governance of Information and technologies (EGIT), as specified in COBIT 2019, the leading state-of-the-art framework for EGIT. The focus of my presentation was on achieving the “Managed Performance and Conformance Monitoring” goal (MEA01) with process mining techniques and technologies.

An excerpt from COBIT 2019 MEA01 Objective

The premise of my presentation was that process mining techniques, especially performance and conformance mining offer valuable insights into organizational operations, via traces, which are left by information systems.

Slides from my presentation (Slovenian language)

Many thanks to the Celonis, especially Ms. Josephine Hubert, for the willingness to present valuable and practical insights into process mining with Celonis EMS.

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